How to Fishing Shrimp

How to Fishing Shrimp

  1. You must ensure that the distance between the floater and lowest hook is the same as the depth of the water. To check the depth of the water use your fishing gear.
  2. Place small piece of chicken heart on both hooks.
  3. Now when you see the floater go up and down it is important you do not pull out immediately as the shrimp uses his legs to move bate into mouth. After about 15 seconds you slowly move the fishing line out of the water until the shrimp starts to fight with fast pulling motions.
  4. Remove the shrimp from the water and place it on the counter. Ensure to take its two larger legs with tongs so it cannot bite you. Then remove the hook with care and place the shrimp into your new bag.
  5. Place another small piece of chicken heart on the hook and again good luck to you.




If you catch 10 shrimps you are champion.

If you catch 5 shrimps you are good.

If you catch 2 shrimps you are a true beginner.

Fishing Promotion at Rim Talay Seafood Restaurant

You do the fishing and we do the cooking

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Fishing Promotion at Rim Talay SEafood Restaurant