Our new and stunningly designed Seafood Market which is located at the main entrance of Rim Talay and next to the shrimp fishing ponds boosts a wide selection of live and fresh/on-ice Seafood in over 20 display stations either through beautiful aquariums or on-ice displays. Guests will find life Seafood such as King Lobster, Rock Lobster, Blue Crab, Spider Crab, Shrimp and Tiger Prawn, Fish such as Grouper, Sea-Bas, Ruby etc as well as fresh-on-ice seafood and unique seafood/meat combinations. The only thing our guests at the Rim Talay Seafood Market need to do is to select their favored seafood, or seafood & meat combinations as well as their cooking preference (grilled, steamed, fried etc.) and our Chef will prepare it on the spot at our “open kitchen” and grill station next to the Seafood Market! Enjoy!!